• 1907

    The Beginning

    Our story begins over a century ago with a local window washer by the name of Morris Korn. Equipped with nothing more than a sponge and pail, Morris traveled door-to-door, washing windows for the local businesses. Through his hard work and commitment to excellence, Morris quickly earned a reputation for providing quality service. In 1907, he formalized his business with the founding of the Rutherford Window Cleaning Company.

  • 1946

    The Expansion

    Morris passed the torch to his son Herman in 1946. Herman’s vision and tireless efforts helped expand the core competencies of the Rutherford Window Cleaning Company, enabling it to become a single resource for all corporate cleaning and maintenance needs. The Company quickly adopted all new janitorial services enabling it to offer full service building maintenance.

  • 1973

    New Era, New Name

    When Herman handed the reigns to his son David in 1973, the Company had officially evolved into a full service building maintenance operation. This development meant that they were able to service and simplify the lives of their clients in even more ways, but also meant that they were now far more than just a window washing company. Aware of this transformation, David signified the change by renaming the company the Delta Building Services Corporation.

  • NOW

    Present Day

    The Delta Building Services Corporation now offers a vast array of professional cleaning and maintenance services to a number of universities, residences and Fortune 500 companies. All clients’ needs continue to be met with the unique brand of professionalism and the commitment to quality service forged by its founder over a century ago.