Executive Team

  • David Korn, Chairman and President

    David Korn has forty years of experience in the cleaning industry. He began washing windows and worked diligently to learn and practice every aspect of the business. Today, David manages the operations of this high-quality, full-service building maintenance company. His skill in maintaining strong client relationships and his personalized, interactive approach with his management teams puts Delta heads above the competition.

  • Zack Levison, Vice-President

    Zack Levison is responsible for the daily operations of the company. He is involved in every aspect of the business. He focuses on client development and satisfaction, marketing and quality control. From the beginning stages of meeting a potential client, to maintaining current clients, Zack is available to handle questions and concerns.  Whether at work, on his cell phone, or by e-mail, Zack is always accessible.

  • Hugo Franco, Director of Operations

    Hugo Franco possesses the necessary skills for each component of the job. His extensive background in site and area management of facilities ranging from major pharmaceutical companies to 1.2 million square foot corporate facilities to refineries and retail malls makes him uniquely qualified to create and implement training programs, in cleaning, safety, customer relations and employee motivation.

  • Bill Jaramillo, Geovanni Vergara, Diego Roldan, District Managers

    Each of Delta’s District Managers has over ten years experience in the cleaning industry. Their experience includes warehouse, retail, residential and construction cleaning. They are knowledgeable, dedicated and hardworking. Our Managers ensure that Delta always delivers the highest level of excellent service.

  • Doreen Metallo, Sherry Calabro, Kim Nieves, Sales Managers

    Delta has three dynamic salespeople who have been in the sales industry for over twenty years. They research and identify new areas for company expansion by working closely with customers and potential clients. Additionally, they perform routine inspections of their accounts to exceed and support client’s expectations.