Phase-in & Site Analysis

When Delta begins working with you, we will provide and dedicate all the company resources to the phase-in team with the sole intent of providing a smooth transition.

Delta realizes that the Phase-In period of the contract is of paramount importance. Therefore, we have developed a Phase Plan to be used with all our new clients. The Plan includes the following activities:

  • A complete survey of our existing labor force plus a check of the local geographical area is done to provide staff requirements.
  • The facility is toured by our Operations Department to better understand all aspects of the contract. This is to include: Security Procedures, Garbage disposal locations, Fire Route, Lights and location of Janitorial Storage Areas, Water and Electrical sources.
  • A check list is completed to assure all cleaning supplies and equipment are ordered and/ or in stock and ready to be installed at the facility.
  • The operations team insures that all employees are familiar with the facility and their cleaning abilities. Additional personnel are available to assist with any extra work.

Finally, to ensure a complete and smooth transition, the District Manager and the Director of Operations will follow up.

In conclusion, our clients can be assured that they will have the full resources and support of Delta at their disposal to provide for any and all housekeeping functions necessary during the Phase-In Period. The Service Program prepared by the Operations and Client Development Departments is developed for our clients through a detailed analysis. The analysis includes the following:

  • A study of the facility information provided by your areas to be serviced, standards of performance, frequencies and site requirements.
  • A review of the information developed during our tour of your facility.
  • The measurement and analysis of various floor surfaces, square footage and densities, with accommodations being made for carpeted and hard-surface floors.
  • A consideration of traffic patterns and population density.
  • An analysis of net-cleanable square footage
  • Work-loading with the above information to determine staffing requirements, job allocations and equipment/supply needs.

Hiring & Screening

A formal interview, selection and orientation process is utilized by Delta for all prospective employees. This process includes:

  • Completion of application and Arbitration Agreement
  • Personal interview conducted by District Manager
  • Background checks – Delta complies with all State and Federal laws and employment practices
  • Picture ID and uniform issued (where required)
  • Initial orientation at facility
  • Safety orientation (Safety Handbook)
  • Rules and regulations (Employee Handbook)
  • Initial training by Supervisor
  • Daily Covid-19 Survey
  • Pay Stub Survey to ensure direct communication between HR and all employees
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • New hire evaluated by Supervisor /District Manager
  • After ninety (90) days becomes a permanent employee

Training for Cleaning and Safety

The training process begins at the site supervision level.  Once the service process has been established, District Management and Site Supervision meet to focus on the following key elements:

  • Building layout, security and safety
  • The Service Process; staffing, systems for cleaning the building and the prioritized requirements for each area
  • Understanding the needs and expectations of the customer
  • Communication with the customer
  • Empowerment – the ability to make decisions

After completing the required employment qualifications process, general and specialized task cleaners are instructed as to their specific functions, and their goals for productivity by both the District Management and Site Supervision Departments. The Employee is then assigned to an area to familiarize them with the specific service process for that zone.  By making the cleaner a specialist in a given area, the employee increases his or her knowledge of the service function for that area.  At this point, the cleaner becomes a source of valuable input for evaluating the process in that zone. If a problem develops in the area, it is identified and corrected by providing additional training, or by changing the process. This is accomplished using input from the cleaner in conjunction with the measurement phase.

All of Delta’s employees receive extensive on-site training coupled with a detailed description of their responsibilities. Key personnel receive pre-training at other facilities.

Supervision maintains nightly communications and interaction with cleaning personnel to check the work that has been performed, and to obtain progress reports.

The supervisor is trained to take an active role in the decision making process; it allows them to better understand the customer’s needs. Good communication between the Supervisor and the Employee facilitates an accurate collection of information, so that the supervisor may best meet the needs of the client.