Green Cleaning

Delta Building Services has become cognizant of the changing world and the importance of protecting the environment. Realizing this goal has affected Delta’s approach to cleaning and to the type of products that are used. Since 2006, Delta had been performing green cleaning. It has discovered that it is not only highly effective for environmental reasons, but for health and productivity as well.

In recent years, green cleaning became popular because of its reduction in environmental damage. Additional research demonstrates it positive impact due to its lower toxicity levels for humans and animals. Green cleaning products do not require as much energy to create, transport and store. Delta uses these products to benefit both the cleaners and the building occupants.

Delta has also become an active participant in the LEED Green certification program operated by the U.S. Green Building Council. The LEED program for Existing Buildings requires participation by Janitorial Service companies like ours to cooperate if owners and managers are to achieve “points” and ultimately savings. Delta’s Day Cleaning program can help to achieve points in two categories. First in the Energy and Atmosphere category, Delta’s day program means that we will not be the reason lights are kept on after hours. Second, and more importantly, In the Indoor Environmental Quality Category, Delta’s Green Cleaning Program follows the intent and the requirements set forth by the USGBC. Where clients allow us to, we provide a staffing plan, training, chemical guidelines, sustainable cleaning materials and equipment required by the USGBC’s High Performance Cleaning Program.

Delta uses Rochester Midland Corporation “Enviro Care” cleaning products. RMC was the first company in the world to receive Green Seal Certification for institutional and
industrial cleaning. Their products are Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-combustible, non­
reactive and have No hazardous ingredients, glycol ethers, petroleum distillates, suspected carcinogens, or ozone-depleting compounds. The SNAP high-tech dispensing unit is safe, accurate and easy to use.

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